Washington DC Gift Guide November 24, 2019

Our Washington, DC gift guide will help your pick out a great gift for anyone who is visiting Washington, DC. Whether you’re shopping for a gift for the holidays, birthday or any other special occasion, these are five ideas to help someone you know have a great DC experience.

Commemorative Metro SmarTrip Card

When you visit Washington, DC a SmarTrip card is required to get around on the Metro. Sure, you can easily buy one at any Metro station, but imagine how cool your friend or family member will feel with a special commemorative SmarTrip. Plus, each commemorative card comes pre-loaded with $8, so they won’t have to worry about paying for their first few rides. You can order one of these cards online at the SmarTrip Store.

Trip Hacks DC Guide to Washington DC E-book

There are no shortage of Washington, DC travel books on the market, but ours is different. Our book is for the modern traveler who wants insider tips and travel hacks to help plan your trip. We’re not padding pages with lists of hotels or restaurants or out-of-date paper maps. We’ve all got smartphones these days for that stuff! Get this book if you want to help your family member or friend get a ton of useful information about their trip without spending a bunch of time on fluff that doesn’t matter.

Museum Tickets

Washington, DC has more great free museums than you can shake a stick at. So it may seem odd to include paid museum tickets in a Washington, DC Gift Guide, but if you only stick to the free museums you’re going to miss some of the best exhibits in the city! The International Spy Museum is a must for kids or kids-at-heart. The National Building Museum is a great spot for anyone interested in architecture, planning and design. And the National Geographic Museum is a great little spot for anyone who likes the magazine.

Tickets to a Tour, Show or Game

Washington, DC is not just museums and monuments. We’ve got a thriving theater scene as well as professional sports teams in almost every league. That said, everyone should see the museums and monuments, and walking around on your own is just one way to do it. Trip Hacks DC runs tours of the monuments including the fun and popular Monumental Trivia tour during the spring and summer months.

Trip Hacks DC Official Merch

This one is shamelessly self promotional, but we could write a Washington, DC gift guide without including our own souvenir merchandise. If you’re a fan of the Trip Hacks DC YouTube channel or Podcast or took a tour with us and want something to remember it, our shirts and merch is the perfect option. There are t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and a few other cool items. If you wear it on your trip to DC maybe you’ll make friends with some other Trip Hacks DC fans!

Trip Hacks DC

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