Five Pro Sports Teams in DC

Washington, DC is a sports town! Sure, there are plenty of monuments, museums and federal government sights to keep you busy for days; but there are also five pro sports teams in DC that you can check out when you come. There are great experiences for fans of any sport.

Tips for Attending a Washington DC PRO Sports Game

Washington Nationals

Baseball one of the most accessible sports to see in DC. The baseball season runs from April through September. Baseball is also the most family-friendly sport with 81 home games. There are a lot of day games on the weekends and games marketed specifically to families and kids. The Washington Nationals have played in DC since 2005 and Nationals Park has been open since 2008. It’s about one mile south of the Capitol and very easy to access from the Navy Yard metro station.

Washington Wizards

The Wizards have played in the Washington, DC area since 1973. They used to be known as the Washington Bullets. Nowadays, they play at the Capital One Arena (formerly the Verizon Center) since it opened in 1997. The arena is super easy to access. It is on top of the Gallery Place station and only a couple of blocks from the Metro Center station.

The NBA season runs from October through April with the potential for postseason games in May and June. Most Wizards games start at 7 p.m. However, they are more action-packed and the overall game is a lot shorter than baseball. This is a great option for families with kids. 

Washington Capitals

The Capitals also play at the Capital One Arena.  In 2018, the Washington Capitals brought the first national championship to Washington DC since 1992. They have played in the Washington, DC area since 1974. The NHL season overlaps with the NBA season, running from October through April. The Capitals get 41 home games with most games starting around 7 p.m. There are earlier day games on the weekends. Make sure you plan ahead if you want to attend a game. 

DC United 

DC United has been around since 1996 and was one of the charter members of Major League Soccer. They played at RFK Stadium until recently. In 2018 DC United moved to the new Audi Field, a soccer-specific stadium located near Nationals Park. The MLS season is a bit longer than the Major League Baseball season, running from March through October. But, the home games are more spaced out. So, make sure to check the schedule to see if there’s going to be a game when you’re visiting. 

Washington Redskins

For the typical visitor, football is the least accessible sport to see in DC. NFL teams only play 16 games each year. This means there are only eight home games. You also have to travel pretty far from downtown to see a game.  FedEx Field is located in Maryland. If you want to get there from downtown, you have to take the blue line to the Landover station. From there you need to walk a little more than a mile to get to the stadium. Tickets are the most expensive of all the sports teams in DC.

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