Washington, DC visitors all know about the major sites – the monuments, memorials, museums and historic places. But there is so much more out there! There is an entire “secret” side of Washington, DC that many visitors, and even some locals, never truly discover. A new book tells the stories of some of the places.

In this episode Rob welcomes Washington, DC based author JoAnn Hill to the podcast. JoAnn is the author of the new book Secret Washington, DC: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure. She is an avid traveler and foodie who writes about her global travel adventures on the blog dcglobejotters. She is also an educator, former DC public school teacher and founder of the tutoring company Capitol Teachers. You can follow JoAnn on Instagram.

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Secret Washington DC Show Notes:

This episode covers some of stories from JoAnn Hill’s new book Secret Washington, DC. The book features way more than could fit in this episode! Pick up your own copy by buying direct from JoAnn; stop by one of DC’s locally owned bookstores, like Politics and Prose, East City Bookshop, Solid State Books, or Kramers; or if all else fails, you can always find it on Amazon.

Secret Washington DC sites discussed

  1. Lincoln Memorial
  2. Kilroy Was Here
  3. Carousel on the National Mall
  4. Einstein Memorial
  5. Old Capitol Prison
  6. National Museum of American Indian
  7. James Garfield Assassination site
  8. Exorcist Stairs
  9. National Arboretum
  10. Brewmaster’s Castle
  11. Martin’s Tavern
  12. Call Boxes Honoring Women
  13. Mr. Smith’s Bar
  14. Mayflower Hotel
  15. Wok and Roll
  16. Barbie Pond on Avenue Q