Bring your students to Washington virtually

School field trips may be on hold during the pandemic, but it doesn't mean students can't learn and have fun on a virtual tour! Our virtual field trip is perfect for school groups who  put needed to their travel plans on hold but still want to have an immersive Washington, DC experience.

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How much do virtual field trips cost?

The standard virtual field trip is 1.5 hours long and can support up to 50 participants (students and adults). We can accommodate larger groups for an additional price. Please fill out the form below with the number of students and adults in the group and we’ll be in touch with pricing specific to your group.

What is a virtual field trip? How is it different from showing students a documentary about DC?

We won't sugar-coat it, there is no way to fully replace the experience of visiting the iconic Washington, DC monuments and memorials in real-life. Standing on the top step of the Lincoln Memorial and taking in the view is an experience you have to have in-person.

Our virtual field trips are different from a documentary because they are interactive. We don't want to give the students a lecture. Instead, we can take your students into the sites and answer their questions live. Or we can play an interactive trivia game that's engaging and educational. Check out replays of a few of the trivia games we played earlier this year for what to expect. Or if you have another idea entirely, we are happy to consider it as well.

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