March is when tourism in DC really kicks in to high gear. The first part of the month is relatively quiet. However, the second half of the month is extremely busy. Learn a little bit about what Washington, DC in March is like so you can set the right expectations for your trip.

Tips for Visiting Washington DC in March

Important things to know about visiting DC in March

The National Cherry Blossom festival starts on March 20th, the first day of spring, and runs through mid-April. One thing to know about the cherry blossoms is that they are very difficult to time. Don’t try to plan your trip around them. Plan your trip around the Cherry Blossom Festival events. If you see them, think of it as a special bonus.

Mid-March is when 8th grade field trip season begins. Expect to see see a lot of teenagers on class trips. Spring break is also when a lot of families with kids take advantage of the time-off and come visit DC.

DC in March Weather

Remember, winter does not officially end until March 20th. There are some days in March where the weather is warm and springlike. There are other days when it dips below freezing. Sometimes, it even snows. The daily high is 56 degrees. The daily low is 35 degrees.

Packing for DC in March

When you pack for a trip, be sure to check the weather the day before you depart. If it is going to be cold make sure bring your winter coat and winter gear. If it is going to be a little nicer, then the key is layers. You can start with a sweatshirt, then add a lightweight jacket. A hat and gloves may not be a bad idea. March is the most variable month of the year. It’s also one of the windiest months.

March holidays and events

There are no government holidays during March. However, there are a few unofficial holidays.  

Saint Patrick’s Day is March 17th. The Embassy of Ireland usually has a celebration. However, it is not as celebrated like it is in Boston or Chicago. There may also be a few religious holidays such as Passover, Good Friday, and Easter. These dates vary each year. You may not notice these holidays unless you are seeking a religious event.

March is also the start of race and marathon season. You can also find charity runs and walks almost every Saturday and Sunday morning in the spring.  March is a great month for indoor and outdoor activities. Some of the ice skating rinks will stay open through early March. March is also the last month of the NBA and NHL season before the playoffs. Also, it is also the first month of the major league soccer season.

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