Podcast Ep.45 Staying Safe When You Visit Washington DC

March 1, 2023 in Podcast

When it comes to travel, safety should always be a top priority, and this applies just as much to Washington, DC as it does to any destination. However, navigating the topic of safety can be tricky and it’s a topic that deserves an in-depth discussion. In this episode, Rob covers everything from how to minimize your risk of falling victim to crime to avoiding scams that could drain your wallet. He also offers insights on staying safe as a pedestrian or bicyclist, as well as tips for those looking to experience the city’s nightlife during their visit.

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Podcast Ep.44 Explore Washington DC with a New Activity Book

February 1, 2023 in Podcast

One of the best things about Washington, DC is that there are so many amazing and iconic sites. But there are also a lot of incredible gems! Visitors to the Nation’s Capital spend a lot of their time downtown and on the National Mall, but there is also a desire to explore behind Federal Washington. A new book helps locals and visitors participate in quests to discover new areas.

In this episode Rob welcomes Washington, DC based author JoAnn Hill back to the podcast. JoAnn is the author of the new book Washington, DC Scavenger: The Ultimate Search for Washington, DC’s Hidden Treasures. She previously appeared on the podcast to discus her first book Secret Washington, DC: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure. You can follow JoAnn on Instagram.

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Tour Guide & Trivia Host

January 2, 2023 in Jobs

We are looking for an energetic and self-motivated tour guide to host our Monumental Trivia at Twilight tour for the 2023 season. Monumental Trivia is a 3-hour walking tour held in the evening on the National Mall. In addition to exploring the sites, travelers compete against each other for the title of trivia champ!

We are seeking experienced tour guides with part-time availability to host this tour from March through October. We offer generous compensation and pay per tour. We want guides to deliver unforgettable experiences and don’t expect them to worry about any other duties. 

Requirements and Qualifications:

  • At least one-year of tour guiding experience
  • Exceptional storytelling ability
  • Love of U.S. history and trivia
  • Passion for showing off DC to visitors from around the world
  • Must be at least 18 years of age

To apply, send us a message at jobs@triphacksdc.com with your resume and links to a few outstanding TripAdvisor, Google or Yelp reviews from your tours. 

Podcast Ep.43 How Washington DC Tourism has Changed & Looking Ahead to 2023

January 1, 2023 in Podcast

Washington, DC tourism is different compared to pre-pandemic. But how different? What changed exactly? In this episode Rob walks through many of the ways that Washington, DC tourism has changed – from the best areas to stay, federal government site status, and restaurants closings. Then we’ll look ahead together to what’s to come in 2023. There are some exciting developments on the horizon but also an important political change that may disrupt travel plans and that you definitely want to know about.

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Podcast Ep.42 Explore These Washington DC Neighborhoods

November 1, 2022 in Podcast

Washington DC is a city of neighborhoods. There are actually over 100 neighborhoods in the nation’s capital. The best itinerary for visitors is a mix of downtown federal government sites and local neighborhood experiences. In this episode you’ll hear from Paige Muller, Chief Experience Officer of Curious Caravan, a custom trip planning service that curates one-of-a-kind adventures and itineraries for curious explorers seeking the unexpected in Washington, DC.

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Podcast Ep.41 Visiting Every Museum in Washington DC

October 1, 2022 in Podcast

Washington DC is a museum city. People who visit often have ambitions of visiting many of our museums, but the reality is there are far too many to check out on a single trip. In this episode you’ll hear from Noelle Harada, a TikTok creator who set a goal in 2022 to visit every museum in Washington DC. She is documenting each museum visit with a video and review.

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Podcast Ep.40 Women’s History Sites in Washington DC

August 1, 2022 in Podcast

A vast majority of historic sites in Washington DC are dedicated to men in history. When you visit you’ll find huge monuments to presidents and military leaders and other men who made an impact on our country. Sites to American women exist but there are fewer of them and you need to know where to look.

In this episode you’ll hear from Kaitlin Calogera & Rebecca Grawl, authors of the book 111 Places in Woman’s History in Washington, DC That You Must Not Miss. Kaitlin and Rebecca are professional tour guides and entrepreneurs. The mission of their company A Tour of Her Own is to elevate women’s stories into a more prominent place in American history and culture.

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Best Washington DC Cheap Eats

July 1, 2022 in Blog

Washington DC excels when it comes to the fast casual food scene. Fast casual restaurants offer elevated food and higher quality ingredients than traditional fast food. They operate counter-service where customers order and pay up-front, rather than with a server. Pricing is higher than fast food but less expensive than a sit-down restaurant. If you’ve ever eaten Chipotle you’ve experienced fast casual dining. However it’s not just limited to Mexican food. These are my favorite fast casual Washington DC cheap eats.


Korean food is delicious. Tacos are delicious. Korean food in taco form must therefore be delicious, right? Yes it is. What started as a single food truck has grown into a small local chain. Even if you aren’t initially sold on the concept, give it a try! It wasn’t until I had my first bite that I was hooked. 


I love Indian food. Butter chicken, tikka masala, rogan josh – I could eat it all the time. Typically when you order Indian takeout it comes in a bunch of containers that you need to unpack and then plate. It’s kind of a lot of work. Rasa is awesome because each bowl is a self-contained meal with big flavors. 

District Taco

While Chipotle may be the original fast casual Mexican spot, District Taco is the local favorite. A true American success story, District Taco was started by a Mexican immigrant who grew it from a single taco cart to a local restaurant empire. They specialize in Yucatan style Mexican food and the menu has plenty of high-quality vegetarian options (and some vegan too). 


Most of the restaurants on this list have solid vegetarian options but this one is a fully vegan, plant-based restaurant with items like burgers, sandwiches, salads and desserts. Items are based on traditional meat-based fast food (think burgers and fried chicken) but even if you enjoy meat you should give HipCityVeg a try because the food really is that good! 


You can’t have a list of cheap eats without a staple: burger and fries. The menu at Swizzler isn’t big but what they do they do well. A “swizzler” is actually a hot dog, but the revamped menu at this restaurant is now more sandwich focused. They have a regular burger, veggie burger and fried chicken sandwich. I’ve tasted them all and they are all excellent. 

Little Sesame

Little Sesame is named for the tahini (ground sesame paste) which is the backbone of hummus. If you’re really into hummus, get a giant bowl with pita and dig in! I’m not ashamed to say it’s so good I’ve eaten an entire bowl of hummus for lunch before. If you want a more rounded meal go for a pita sandwich which is filled with meat, peppers and other vegetables. 


You can’t have a list of “cheap eats” without pizza. Unfortunately pizza that’s fast is rarely fresh, and if it’s fresh it’s rarely fast. &Pizza is both. Each unique oval shaped pie is made to order, assembly-line style, right in front of you. Then it goes into the oven and in only a couple minutes you have a delicious hot pizza ready to eat. 

Rice Bar

Bibimbap is Korean for “mixed rice” but it’s different from a lot of other rice bowls out there. Bibimbap is served in a bowl topped with vegetables, chili paste, soy sauce and fermented soybean paste. I like to get mine with meat and topped with a fried egg. If you’ve never had it before, give it a shot. The combination of ingredients is really delicious. 


Cava is now a nation-wide chain but its roots are right here in Washington, DC. Cava’s menu offers a modern American take on Mediterranean fare. Design your bowl with either grains or lettuce, add your protein, Mediterranean-style vegetables, and one of many sauces. The combination of ingredients and sauces makes for some of the best flavors you can get for the price. 


Surfside’s claim to fame is that their Dupont Circle location is one of the only restaurants in DC open 24 hours per day. It’s great if you’re hungry after hitting up the nearby nightlife, but even if you visit during the day it’s a quick and delicious Mexican meal. On the menu you’ll find fajitas, quesadillas, and some of the best tacos in town.

Falafel Inc. 

This is one of the only true cheap eats in Washington, DC. In 2022 no item on the menu is more than five dollars. Order your falafel in a pita (sandwich form) or over greens (bowl form). The zaatar fries are a unique twist on the standard French fry. Make sure to try some of the signature sauces to take your meal to the next level. 

Good Stuff Eatery

Good Stuff is owned by Spike Mendelsohn, a local celebrity-chef who has appeared on several TV cooking shows. Good Stuff serves burgers, fries and top-notch milkshakes. The price point is low enough that it gives folks a chance to have a “celebrity-chef experience” without shelling out big bucks at a more traditional celebrity-chef restaurant. 

Podcast Ep.39 New York City Tour Guide Reviews Washington DC

July 1, 2022 in Podcast

Sometimes it’s useful to get a new or different perspective. A fresh set of eyes can highlight things that locals don’t notice because we live here and see the city every day. In this episode you’ll hear from Megan Marod (aka The Megan Daily), a licensed New York City tour guide who has visited Washington, DC several times over the past year. She shares some of the things she learned from those trips and offers tips to help you prepare for an upcoming trip.

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Hotels in DC: A Guide On Where to Stay

July 1, 2022 in Trip Planning

What are the best hotels in Washington, DC? Where is the best area in Washington, DC to stay when you visit? With over 100 hotels in DC and hundreds more in the suburbs, there is no simple answer to this question.

However, you should not despair! We created this guide to help you figure out where to stay in Washington, DC. We identified the best hotels in DC based on location, reputation and prioritized hotels near DC Metro. Furthermore, we included all of the major hotel brands (Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and IHG) and some independent properties. Also, we marked any freebies the hotel offers. For instance, free breakfast or happy hour are including links to reviews on TripAdvisor and other reputable websites. 

Do you want to know more about these areas before getting started? Check out our 11 recommended areas in Washington, DC video. Afterwards, navigate this guide by clicking or tapping on one of those areas below. 

  1. Downtown
  2. Convention Center
  3. The Wharf
  4. Dupont Circle
  5. Georgetown / Foggy Bottom
  6. Union Station
  7. Woodley Park
  8. Navy Yard
  9. Crystal City
  10. North Arlington
  11. Old Town Alexandria
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