Podcast Ep.30 Washington DC Trip Planning Tips

September 1, 2021 in Podcast

At the time of recording there are nearly 200 Trip Hacks DC YouTube videos and dozens of podcast episodes with travel tips galore! But how do you tie all of those tips together into a tip itinerary? This episode’s guest walks you through how he took the tips he learned from Trip Hacks DC and designed an itinerary around them.

Rob welcomes Doug McKnight to the podcast. Doug is a fellow podcaster and co-host of Rope Drop Radio, a podcast by two dads who love Disney. He is an expert on Disney parks and Disney cruises but is also a great travel planner no matter the destination.

Episode sponsor: This episode is sponsored by Rope Drop Radio. Listen on all the podcast apps and follow along with them on Twitter and Facebook. And by travel agent Michelle McKnight, a Destination Specialist with TouringPlans. Whether you want to travel to Disney World or Washington, DC or anywhere in between, Michelle has you covered.

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Podcast Ep.29 Secret Washington DC

July 1, 2021 in Podcast

Washington, DC visitors all know about the major sites – the monuments, memorials, museums and historic places. But there is so much more out there! There is an entire “secret” side of Washington, DC that many visitors, and even some locals, never truly discover. A new book tells the stories of some of the places.

In this episode Rob welcomes Washington, DC based author JoAnn Hill to the podcast. JoAnn is the author of the new book Secret Washington, DC: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure. She is an avid traveler and foodie who writes about her global travel adventures on the blog dcglobejotters. She is also an educator, former DC public school teacher and founder of the tutoring company Capitol Teachers. You can follow JoAnn on Instagram.

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Podcast Ep.28 Eating Well & Supporting Black Owned Restaurants in DC

June 1, 2021 in Podcast

Travelers have a plethora of restaurant choices when they visit Washington, DC. Everyone wants to eat well but many travelers also want to know how to support the businesses that are rooted in the local community. The reality is, if you want to sample some of the quintessential DC foods you need to check out some Black owned businesses while you’re here.

In this episode Rob welcomes Washington, DC based food blogger Anela Malik to the podcast. Anela is a Black food blogger, former diplomat, and avid traveler. She is the founder of Feed the Malik, a project where she highlights marginalized perspectives in food and showcases some of DC’s tastiest treats as well as her own recipes, including the new Eating Through Chocolate City restaurant guide. Follow her on Instagram and TikTok and keep an eye out for her upcoming book!

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Podcast Ep.27 The Best Washington DC Tours & Activities

May 1, 2021 in Podcast

There are so many fun tours and experiences in Washington, DC. The options can sometimes feel overwhelming. You might wonder: are free tours any good? Is it worth it to splurge on a private tour? What’s the best mode of transportation to see the monuments? What’s the deal with foodie tours? In this episode we tackle all of these questions (and more) so you can pick out the best Washington DC tours when you visit. Check out our recommended list of local tour companies to get started.

Travel industry veteran and world traveler Shane Whaley joins Rob for this conversation. Shane hosts Tourpreneur, a podcast that deep dives into the journey of the tour business owner. He also hosts Spybrary, a Spy Podcast for fans of spy books and movies; as well as Radio GDR, a podcast in English all about the life and times of East Germany.

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The 5 Best Local Washington DC Tours

April 22, 2021 in Blog, Trip Planning

The best Washington, DC tours are operated by small locally-owned businesses. If you’re a seasoned traveler this won’t come as any surprise. You know the best slice of pizza in New York City isn’t Pizza Hut and the best tacos in Los Angeles aren’t Taco Bell. Similarly, you wouldn’t expect the best tours to come from a big national chain.

One of the best things about visiting Washington, DC is that there are tours and experiences to fit every traveler’s interest. Here’s a roundup of five locally-owned DC tour companies we wholeheartedly recommend! Check them out on your next visit to the Nation’s Capital. 

1. Trip Hacks DC

Rob leading a Trip Hacks DC trivia tour.

Do you watch Jeopardy? Enjoy games of Trivial Pursuit? Or just like to compete with family and friends? The Trip Hacks DC Trivia Tour combines a classic Washington DC monuments tour with an interactive trivia game. Over the course of three hours you’ll get to experience all of the major monuments on the National Mall. Not only do you visit all the sites up close, but you’ll compete with fellow travelers to win prizes.

2. DC Design Tours

Carolyn leading a DC Designs Tours architecture tour.

Maybe it was your dream to become an architect, or maybe you just love beautiful buildings. Either way, come experience Washington’s architectural marvels and best kept secrets, while hearing about the conflicts, controversies, and personalities involved in the development of our capital. DC Design Tours leads tours of the Federal sites, as well as tours of neighborhood gems, like Georgetown and Embassy Row. From Neoclassical to Brutalist designs, hear the stories behind the brick and mortar!

3. A Tour of Her Own

A women's history tour in Washington, DC.

A Tour of Her Own is the first tourism company in Washington, DC focused exclusively on women’s history. Their mission is to elevate women’s stories into a more prominent place in American history. And their vision is to create a sustainable culture of women’s tourism in DC and beyond. Check out their lineup of upcoming events to see if any are scheduled during your trip. Or become a Tour of Her Own member to get access to live tours, virtual events, and other educational services. 

4. Historic America

A tour of Arlington Cemetery by Historic America.

If you want to take in the story of our Nation, sign up for a tour from a company founded by two self-proclaimed professional history nerds! Historic America delivers their experiences through dynamic, multi-sensory storytelling that are fun for the whole family. Join a walk through the hallowed ground of Arlington National Cemetery – America’s largest and most famous military burial ground. Or book the Millionaires, Mansions & Moonshine tour and learn about a time when rivers of illegal booze flowed through some of DC’s wealthiest neighborhoods.

5. Blue Fern Travel

Blue Fern Travel operates food tours in Washington, DC.

For those who love to “eat their way through a city” – a food tour is a must! Blue Fern takes you off the National Mall and into the neighborhoods where real Washingtonians live, work and most importantly, eat! On the U Street tour you’ll get a chance to sample diverse cuisines of cultures that call DC home. On the Georgetown tour you’ll experience DC’s oldest neighborhood and taste everything from handmade doughnuts to socially-conscious street food that helps feed refugees. If you want to make a day-trip to Old Town Alexandria they’ve got you covered there too. 

Podcast Ep.26 Washington DC Hotel Tips

March 1, 2021 in Podcast

If you’re looking for Washington, DC hotel tips you are in the right place! In this podcast episode you’ll learn about a great areas to stay (and avoid) on your DC trip. Plus what to look for in a hotel, how to do your research, and a few tips for finding the best hotel deals.

Chris Raney from Yellow Productions joins Rob for this conversation. On Chris’s YouTube channel, he produces travel videos that are fun, informative and entertaining. You can also keep up with Yellow Productions on Instagram and Facebook.

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Podcast Ep.25 Presidential Inauguration Stories

January 1, 2021 in Podcast

Covid-19 has significantly disrupted the 2021 inauguration. Unfortunately that means the excited crowds, the parade and parties from past inaugurations won’t really happen this year. Instead, we rounded up some of our favorite stories from past presidential inaugurations to give you a sense of what a more typical inauguration is like. Some of these stories are pretty wild!

In this episode Rob is joined by Aaron Killian from Historic America. Check out the Historic America website and see the multi-sensory DC tours that they offer. Aaron also hosts Dead, White and Blue, a YouTube show about the final resting places of prominent Americans. And he is the host of A Place in Time, a podcast which places you in a historic American location at a remarkable moment in time and brings it all together with a compelling true story.

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Podcast Ep.24 Washington DC Travel Tips During & Post Covid-19

October 31, 2020 in Podcast

After months of closures and restrictions, some travelers are starting to get back out and explore. Washington, DC is slowly but surely reopening tourist sites and attractions. However, it’s extremely important to set realistic expectations and research every detail of your trip. You don’t want to be disappointed or caught of guard once you arrive the nation’s capital.

In this episode Rob is joined by Mark and Jocelyn Wolters. They are half of the Wolters World traveling family. Keep up with their travels on YouTube, Facebook and their website. Or follow Jocelyn and Mark on Instagram. Pick up some cool merch (including face masks) at the Wolters World store.

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Podcast Ep.23 The Future of Trip Hacks DC

July 1, 2020 in Podcast

2020 is a rough year for the travel industry. Halfway through the year, it’s clear that Washington, DC tourism is not going to be the same because of Covid-19. As a result, it’s time to discuss the future of Trip Hacks DC.

In this episode Rob takes the mic for a solo podcast. He gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what the decline in tour revenue has meant for the company. And what the future holds for the Trip Hacks DC podcast, YouTube channel, and tour company.

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Covid-19 Tour Precautions

June 8, 2020 in COVID-19

We want you to have fun on our tours; we also are serious about the importance of keeping your family and our staff safe. Fortunately, outdoor walking tours are one of the safest activities that you can participate in right now. We are following guidance from both national and local authorities to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Specifically, here’s what to expect on a Trip Hacks DC tour in 2020:

Tours are Completely Contactless

  • Sign up and pay online.
  • We will check you in digitally at the meeting spot.
  • As much as we are happy to welcome you on the tour, handshakes and fist bumps are suspended for now.
  • You are welcome to take as many photos as you’d like, but for everyone’s safety we won’t be able to take photos on your own phone.

Face Coverings Keep Everyone Safe

Social Distancing is in Effect

  • Tours are completely outdoors, with plenty of space to spread out.
  • Group size is limited to only 9 people (plus your guide) to keep group sizes to a maximum of 10 people.